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1 February 2021 - ARTICLE
Managing climate risk for directors

By Commissioner Cathie Armour ASIC Commissioner Cathie Armour says disclosing and managing climate-related risk is a key director responsibility. ...

25 January 2021 - NEWS ITEM
Accellion cyber incident

On 15 January 2021, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) became aware of a cyber security incident affecting a server used by ...

14 January 2021 - NEWS ITEM
Application for relief – Insurance Council of Australia

As a result of regulatory relief given to Australia Post by the Government, ASIC has issued a no-action position in relation to breaches of the ...

29 December 2020 - NEWS ITEM
Insolvency laws for small business are changing

29 December 2020 New insolvency reforms apply to incorporated small businesses with liabilities of less than $1 million. Reforms include new ...

22 December 2020 - NEWS ITEM
2020 update on APRA-ASIC engagement

22 December 2020 The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) have today ...

17 December 2020 - LETTER
ASIC letter to insurers about natural disasters

17 December 2020 ASIC has written to insurers about insurance claims and natural disaster events. The letter outlines: ASIC’s work in relation?to ...

15 December 2020 - NEWS ITEM
ASIC cracks down on unlicensed advice

ASIC continues to crack down on unlicensed operators following reports about individuals and corporations providing financial product advice without ...

15 December 2020 - NEWS ITEM
ASIC and APRA letter to superannuation trustees on Member Outcomes obligations and Product design and distribution obligations

ASIC and APRA have issued a joint letter to RSE licensees in relation to the Member Outcomes (MO) obligations and the Product design and distribution ...

4 December 2020 - ARTICLE
Clarifying intra-fund advice

Friday 4 December 2020 Intra-fund advice has no special status over other personal advice Superannuation members can receive limited financial advice ...

26 November 2020 - SPEECH
ASIC’s expectations for protecting vulnerable customers

A speech delivered by Sean Hughes, ASIC Commissioner, to the Financial Services Assurance Forum, Thursday 26 November 2020. Check against delivery ...

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